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                      Personal Statement:

I founded C.H Records to help creatives like you get industry standard Mixing & Mastering Services alongside many endeavors I plan on pursuing in future! Ultimately, I wanna provide quality services to prepare your music, Podcast Audio, Commercial Audio, Voiceover Audio, and so on for commercial success. Whatever it is you do related to audio, I’d love to compliment your project! My background in audio engineering from Cras and extensive training behind consoles has prepared me with real world industry experience. I’ve worked on the SSL, AWS, Neotek, API, Avid s6 control surface with dolby atmos, and so on. I believe to be the perfect fit for your project of any kind and primarily work out of Pro Tools and Logic. I hope to make a big impact on this industry and look forward to making history with you. Lastly, I’m very passionate about helping people achieve their goals in their respective industry and this has been an amazing journey for me so here’s to us for making it a reality. I wish you the best of luck out there! Thanks for taking the time to read and look forward to serving you.

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