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Who is DreadNAugust?


DreadNAugust is an Arizona-based artist that started making music in 2019. DreadNAugust (vocalist) met with CherryHill in 2023 and began working for CherryHill Records. DreadNAugust is an alternative rapper with a punk rock influence. He draws inspiration from groups such as Slipknot, Blue October, Linkin Park and Green day. When it comes to his rap inspiration; he is inspired by artists such as Juice Wrld, Lil Peep, 9Tails, and XXXTentacion. In 2021, he released his most popular song to date, I Can’t, which was well received by fans and critics alike. DreadNAugust throughout the years has created a loyal following of fans which continues to grow. His mission is to create a sound that stands to the test of time. DreadNAugust continues to write and record new music with his manager/producer (CherryHill). His catchy melodies, vibrant and energetic attitude, as well as his ability to have variety in his music make him a favorite among many crowds of people.



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